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Running a nonprofit is hard.

Canaan Group & Associates offers consulting services for all aspects of nonprofit operations,

from professional development to fundraising, strategic planning to executive searches.


Our desire is to ensure all personnel, systems, and processes are pointed toward your “true north” for long-term sustainability.

Let us help you build, maintain, and grow your mission through fundraising and organizational optimization… Without losing your heart in the process.

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Along with your personal account representative, you’ll have access to the full CG&A team, including specialists in nonprofit leadership, major donor solicitation, organizational administration, fundraising operations, event planning (in-person, digital, and hybrid), digital fundraising, and planned giving.


Below is a list of the specific consultation services we offer. Each service is considered its own contract, but may be combined and customized to meet your specific needs.

Our primary avenue of service is a three-year partnership helping your organization be the best that it can be, particularly in professional development and fundraising.

Feasibility Studies (no text).png

Before your campaign, we engage candidly with key members of your community, resulting in a report with specific recommendations and a holistic analysis of your organization’s health.

Capital Campaigns (no text).png

We counsel you from initial planning through to the final pledge fulfillment, and set you up for effective stewardship beyond the capital campaign.

Search (no text).png

We help you find and attract the right talent and fit for executive leadership and fundraising development functions.

Planned Giving (no text).png

We help your organization build a comprehensive development initiative that appropriately implements charitable estate planning, endowment, and legacy gifts as your situation requires.

Strategic Roadmaps (no text).png

We work with you to build a strategic roadmap and accompanying financial plan to grow and direct your mission toward an inspiring, achievable vision.

Board Fundraising Training (no text).png

We strengthen, equip, and compel your board members by helping them understand proper governance, the tenets of biblical fundraising, and how to recruit and maintain a healthy board.

Digital Fundraising (no text).png

We help you make the most of your digital avenues without losing sight of the human element fueling your organization.

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