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Organizational Effectiveness & Donor Development

Our primary avenue of service is a three-year partnership helping your organization be the best that it can be, particularly in professional development and fundraising.


We do this through four major avenues:

Our service to you begins with an assessment, digging deep to make sure you have the right people in the right positions doing the right things. A hard, honest look at the way an organization runs can feel intrusive, but CG&A takes great care to observe and understand the culture of an organization, its people, and its values.


These assessments cover your organizational structure, personnel evaluation, board engagement, fundraising operations and goals, overall team culture, case for support, and more.​


We then provide you a report on our findings and recommendations, informing us both with valuable information to progress forward.

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Feasibility Studies

The success of a capital campaign is largely dependent on whether the organization is in a healthy position to execute it.


As a third-party, Canaan Group & Associates can engage candidly with key members of your donor base through one-on-one interviews, as well as your larger community through intuitive questionnaires.

This process provides us with vital insights on not only the likelihood and extent of success for your campaign, but also with a holistic analysis of your organization. Our feasibility report to you covers how your community perceives the effectiveness and impact of your programs and leadership, your community’s overall understanding of biblical generosity, and our specific, personalized recommendations for you to conduct a successful campaign.

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Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaigns not only facilitate funding for significant projects, but also provide a key opportunity to cast your vision with your organization’s community. As CG&A, we come alongside you every step of the way—from initial planning to the final pledge fulfillment.

We provide your team with services and tools for strategy and accountability to ensure a successful capital campaign, and setting you up for effective stewardship of your donor base beyond the campaign. Our primary goal is for your organization’s long-term success, not just your campaign’s success.

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We help organizations find and attract the right talent for their executive leadership and fundraising development functions. We do this through a comprehensive system which includes marketing the position, recruitment and evaluation of candidates, and helping to ensure the final candidate is a successful fit for your organization.

We have successfully placed candidates in the positions of:

  • Head of School

  • Chief Development Officer

  • Director of Development

  • Major Gift Officer

  • Development Operations Staff

  • And More

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Planned Giving

Planned giving, sometimes known as charitable estate planning, typically focuses on endowment and legacy gifts from lifelong partners.


Canaan Group & Associates will help your organization build a comprehensive fundraising development initiative that appropriately implements planned giving as your situation requires.

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Strategic Roadmaps & Financial Plans

Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, direction, and choices on resource allocation to further their ministry.


At Canaan Group & Associates, we believe a strategic roadmap should never be disconnected from financial data. Along with their strategic roadmap, We work with organizations to build an accompanying financial plan to grow and direct the mission of their organization toward an inspiring, achievable vision.

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Board Leadership Training

Having a strong and engaged board is perhaps one of the greatest assets any school, ministry, or nonprofit organization can hope for.


We believe strongly that leadership in giving must start from the inside out—and this belief has significant implications for boards.


CG&A has worked with numerous boards, helping them to understand proper governance, the core tenets of Biblical fundraising, and how to maintain a healthy board.

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Digital Fundraising

Having an “online presence” is now intertwined with all outworkings of nonprofit operations. What is often an afterthought for many organizations is steadily becoming more and more an integral part of communicating your mission and engaging with your community.

Through an illuminating assessment, implementation of ongoing analytics and efficient processes, and invaluable templates of year-round communications, we’ll help you make the most of your digital avenues without losing sight of the human element fueling your organization.

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