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Do You Have a Generosity Confidant?

Giving is an odd thing. We don't usually like to talk about money. We often think of money as ours, not God's, and when someone starts to ask about it, we assume they have their own motives for using our money.

Paper people cutouts linked together, standing on top of money

It's an odd thing to consider who may be close enough to us for encouragement and accountability in our own stewardship and giving practices. I want to encourage you to pray about taking a step into that type of relationship—a relationship with someone who may want (or not want) to wrestle with generosity and stewardship of the money that God has given us to manage for His kingdom and His glory. Perhaps we will benefit from the spiritual exercise!


Giving is tough because it forces us to think of others before ourselves. It’s tough because we truly want to be good stewards by managing potential needs for the future too. It’s tough because Scripture also says that planning and saving is a good thing, and that a good man provides for his children's children. 

These and other reasons are why encouragement and accountability in our finances is such a healthy and helpful idea to consider. That is also why we need to be so prayerful and listen to the Holy Spirit while listening to wise counselors who will ask the tough questions around our money habits, not just the easy ones. 


One thing I do know: if we live with an “abundance mentality” by listening to the Father's goals for His kingdom, and if we trust the right confidants with our financial decisions and give them permission to ask hard questions, we will continue to look more like our generous Father. May it be so!


At Canaan Group & Associates we have a vision to create an atmosphere of generosity in every organization we work with. We believe that generosity is a biblical attribute, and that we cannot be good fundraisers without being good givers ourselves. If you’d like to learn more on how CG&A can elevate your fundraising efforts, contact us today.



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